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Pull Requests for GitHub repository settings
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    Git Clone代码到本地:
    git clone
    $ svn co --depth empty
    Checked out revision 1.
    $ cd repo
    $ svn up trunk

    这个GitHub应用程序同步 .github/settings.yml 中定义的存储库设置,从而支持存储库设置的请求请求。


    • 安装应用程序
    • 在存储库中创建一个 .github/settings.yml 文件。 默认分支上的这个文件的更改将同步到 GitHub。


    # These settings are synced to GitHub by
     # See for all available settings.# The name of the repository. Changing this will rename the repositoryname: repo-name# A short description of the repository that will show up on GitHubdescription: description of repo# A URL with more information about the repositoryhomepage: A comma-separated list of topics to set on the repositorytopics: github, probot# Either `true` to make the repository private, or `false` to make it public.private: false# Either `true` to enable issues for this repository, `false` to disable them.has_issues: true# Either `true` to enable projects for this repository, or `false` to disable them.# If projects are disabled for the organization, passing `true` will cause an API error.has_projects: true# Either `true` to enable the wiki for this repository, `false` to disable it.has_wiki: true# Either `true` to enable downloads for this repository, `false` to disable them.has_downloads: true# Updates the default branch for this repository.default_branch: master# Either `true` to allow squash-merging pull requests, or `false` to prevent# squash-merging.allow_squash_merge: true# Either `true` to allow merging pull requests with a merge commit, or `false`# to prevent merging pull requests with merge commits.allow_merge_commit: true# Either `true` to allow rebase-merging pull requests, or `false` to prevent# rebase-merging.allow_rebase_merge: true# Labels: define labels for Issues and Pull Requestslabels:
     - name: bugcolor: CC0000 - name: featurecolor: 336699 - name: first-timers-only# include the old name to rename an existing labeloldname: Help Wanted# Collaborators: give specific users access to this repository.collaborators:
     - username: bkeepers# Note: Only valid on organization-owned repositories.# The permission to grant the collaborator. Can be one of:# * `pull` - can pull, but not push to or administer this repository.# * `push` - can pull and push, but not administer this repository.# * `admin` - can pull, push and administer this repository.permission: push - username: hubotpermission: pull# NOTE: The APIs needed for teams are not supported yet by GitHub Apps#
     - name: corepermission: admin - name: docspermission: push

    警告:这个应用将把所有拥有 push 权限的用户升级为管理员角色,因为他们可以将配置设置推到 master 分支,这将会同步到。 将来,我们可以添加限制,允许只由特定人员/团队合并的配置文件,或者那些拥有管理访问权限的(。通过 protected 分支的组合,必需的状态和分支限制)。 在那之前,在合并PRs和添加协作者时。

    只有将管理员权限添加到目录中,才可以将管理用户设置为 .github/settings.yml 文件的代码所有者,并打开主分支"需要代码所有者检查"。 这确实需要代码所有者审查整个分支,但有助于保留权限级别。


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