fontawesome-iconpicker, Twitter Bootstrap的Font Awesome icon 选择器组件




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Font Awesome Icon Picker plugin for Twitter Bootstrap 3
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    Font Awesome 是一个完全可以定制的插件插件,具有强大的基 API,基于 bootstrap-popover-picker

    你可以使用 Font Awesome 或者其他字体 icon 设置你的选择(。icon 列表完全可以自定义)。




    // Create instance if not exists (returns a jQuery object)$('.my').iconpicker();$('.my').iconpicker({ /*options*/ }); // you can also specify options via data-* attributes// For the first matched element, access to a plugin property value$('.my').data('iconpicker').iconpickerProperty;// For the first matched element, call a plugin instance method with the given args$('.my').data('iconpicker').iconpickerMethod('methodArg1', 'methodArg2'/*, other args */);// Call and apply a plugin method to EACH matched element.$.iconpicker.batch('.my', 'iconpickerMethod', 'methodArg1', 'methodArg2'/*, other args */); ->


    所有这些插件都通过 event.iconpickerInstance 公开插件实例


    • iconpickerCreate
    • iconpickerCreated
    • iconpickerShow
    • iconpickerShown
    • iconpickerSelect ( 同时公开 event.iconpickerItem 和 event.iconpickerValue )
    • iconpickerUpdate
    • iconpickerInvalid ( 同时公开 event.iconpickerValue )
    • iconpickerSetValue ( 同时公开 event.iconpickerValue )
    • iconpickerSetSourceValue ( 同时公开 event.iconpickerValue )
    • iconpickerUpdated
    • iconpickerSelected ( 同时公开 event.iconpickerItem 和 event.iconpickerValue )
    • iconpickerHide
    • iconpickerHidden
    • iconpickerDestroy
    • iconpickerDestroyed
    // Bind iconpicker events to the element$('.my').on('iconpickerSelected', function(event){
     /* event.iconpickerValue */});


    这个插件带有比原始 Bootstrap Popover更多的放置选项。 以下是所有可能的情况:

     1 2 3 4 5
     G 6
     F 7
     E 8
     D C B A 9
    0. inline (no placement, display as inline-block)
    1. topLeftCorner
    2. topLeft
    3. top (center)
    4. topRight
    5. topRightCorner
    6. rightTop
    7. right (center)
    8. rightBottom
    9. bottomRightCorner
    A. bottomRight
    B. bottom (center)
    C. bottomLeft
    D. bottomLeftCorner
    E. leftBottom
    F. left (center)
    G. leftTop


    var defaults = {
     title:false, // Popover title (optional) only if specified in the template selected:false, // use this value as the current item and ignore the original defaultValue:false, // use this value as the current item if input or element value is empty placement:'bottom', // (has some issues with auto and CSS). auto, top, bottom, left, right collision:'none', // If true, the popover will be repositioned to another position when collapses with the window borders animation:true, // fade in/out on show/hide?//hide iconpicker automatically when a value is picked. it is ignored if mustAccept is not false and the accept button is visible hideOnSelect:false,
     searchInFooter:false, // If true, the search will be added to the footer instead of the title mustAccept:false, // only applicable when there's an iconpicker-btn-accept button in the popover footer selectedCustomClass:'bg-primary', // Appends this class when to the selected item icons: [], // list of icon classes (declared at the bottom of this script for maintainability)fullClassFormatter:function(val) {
     return'fa '+ val;
     input:'input,.iconpicker-input', // children input selector inputSearch:false, // use the input as a search box too? container:false, // Appends the popover to a specific element. If not set, the selected element or element parent is used component:'.input-group-addon,.iconpicker-component', // children component jQuery selector or object, relative to the container element// Plugin templates: templates: {
     popover:'<div class="iconpicker-popover popover"><div class="arrow"></div>'+'<div class="popover-title"></div><div class="popover-content"></div></div>',
     footer:'<div class="popover-footer"></div>',
     buttons:'<button class="iconpicker-btn iconpicker-btn-cancel btn btn-default btn-sm">Cancel</button>'+' <button class="iconpicker-btn iconpicker-btn-accept btn btn-primary btn-sm">Accept</button>',
     search:'<input type="search" class="form-control iconpicker-search" placeholder="Type to filter"/>',
     iconpicker:'<div class="iconpicker"><div class="iconpicker-items"></div></div>',
     iconpickerItem:'<a role="button" href="#" class="iconpicker-item"><i></i></a>',

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