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  • 源代码网址:http://www.github.com/zhuangbiaowei/learn-with-open-source
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    Git Clone代码到本地:
    git clone http://www.github.com/zhuangbiaowei/learn-with-open-source
    $ svn co --depth empty http://www.github.com/zhuangbiaowei/learn-with-open-source
    Checked out revision 1.
    $ cd repo
    $ svn up trunk
    Learn Coding With Open Souce

    Join the chat at https://gitter.im/zhuangbiaowei/learn-with-open-source

    This book uses GitBook to build.

    All contents licensed under the Creative Commons Attribution Non Commercial Share Alike 4.0 license

    Welcome! Join us to finish this book.

    You can visit the online ebook: Learn Coding With Open Source

    for developers

    Build the book

    Note: you will need Linux or MacOS. Windows is not yet supported.

    • for pdf,epub etc ebook generation.
    • go Calibre > Misc > Install Command Line Tool after installed
      • or ln -s /Applications/calibre.app/Contents/MacOS/ebook-convert /usr/local/bin

    enter the git repository directory

    cd learn-with-open-source
    npm install

    generate the ebook via:

    • generate html pages:
    ./node_modules/.bin/gitbook build . _book
    • run a local server to read html:
    ./node_modules/.bin/gitbook serve .
    • generate the pdf:
    ./node_modules/.bin/gitbook pdf .

    Update contributions automatically

    It will update contributoions through git commits after a pull request or merge is executed. If you want to update it manually:

    This script will update the "Contributor.md" file and copy it to the "zh" folder.

    cd learn-with-open-source

    The contributors configuration file is the ".contributors" file on the root of the repository.

    Update TOC automatically

    TODO: this is not finished.

    The gitbook uses the SUMMARY.md to get the TOC. the list in the SUMMARY.md will be the TOC.

    1. [Topic](topic.md)
      1. [SubTopic](subtopic.md)
        1. TheSameFileTopicNoLinkAllowed
        1. TheSameFileTopicNoLinkAllowed
    1. [Topic2]


    • the parent directory is not supported via gitbook.
    • the topic in same file could not be a link.

    the workflow automation is:

    • a text file to determine the markdown files order. or use the file name order in a directory.
    • get toc of each markdown file.
    • merge it into SUMMARY.md

    本书使用 GitBook 来 build 电子书。

    联机电子书版本在这里: Learn Coding With Open Source



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